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To further meet the mission of the American Cancer Society, the CEOs Against Cancer North Texas Chapter are focusing on a special "Get Screened" Project

Screening Recommendation:

Age 25+ Cervical

Every tomorrow should have you in it.

Screening test can detect cancer before it starts or catch cancer when it might be easier to treat. Talk to someone you love about getting their cancer screening today. To get the conversation started, just say: I love you, get screened. 


There are many reasons people might not get cancer screening — procrastination, no insurance, no symptoms, and fear. It can be a personal, emotional issue or larger, systemic barrier, including: fear of finding something, guilt about not catching a problem earlier, anxiety about not being able to afford screening or treatment, being nervous about seeing a provider for care, regret for lifestyle choices that may have contributed, lack of access to information about screening, systemic racism, and other social and economic obstacles.


As with any experience of fear, shame, or oppression, people often feel they are alone or unable to change a situation, and this perpetuates the cycle, leading to additional barriers and delays in getting screened.


The American Cancer Society is committed to helping people learn about cancer screening recommendations, overcome barriers to getting screened, and take the needed steps to get screened. With your partnership, we can help people get back on track with their cancer screenings and save lives.


Why Get Screened?

The American Cancer Society’s Get Screened initiative aims to increase cancer screening rates by encouraging people to schedule regular screenings with their doctor. 

In alignment with this national priority, CEOs Against Cancer North Texas Chapter members have committed to support the health of their employees, customers, and community. 

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